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Recent improvements

Free Web Site Builder

We're pleased to have added many new and improved features to our award-winning free web site builder. Free doesn't mean cheap. You'll find we have the best site builder product on the market, even if it is free.

New in version 17.0

Refreshing new designs in line with the latest design trends
High quality designs in line with the latest design trends with flexible customization options helps the users to create unique looking websites that meets their requirements.

Exhaustive list of design categories
The list of categories has been made exhaustive in order to cover the majority of the small and medium business segments as well as personal family user segments. For Ex: In the new version, there are separate categories for Interior and Furniture, Fast Foods, Florists etc which are not there in the older version. This will help the users to easily select the templates that would fit their requirements.

YouTube support:
Users can now embed YouTube video clips on their website to enable visitors to view it from their websites.

Totally revamped WYSIWYG editor
The text editor has been totally revamped and made much more user friendly. The features are now clubbed and categorized For Ex: Under the Insert functionality, we have brought the Insert Image, Insert Link, Insert Special Characters option, whereas in the older version each one of these were separate icons, and were overwhelming for the users.

The text editor now loads with the website template
To help the users visualize the final output better, the text editor now shows the website template inside the editor so they can see how the text & images appear as part of the template when they update the content.

Totally revamped Image replacement options
Users now have 3 options to change the main images appearing in the template. The easiest option is for the users to select an image from the design gallery. There are couple of options (simple and advanced options) for the users to upload an image from their PC/Laptop.

Simple and advanced image replacement option
The simple option allows the users to straightaway upload an image from their PC/Laptop. Once they have uploaded an image, they will be provided with various effects of those images and the users can choose the ones they like and incorporate the same in the template by just clicking on it. Advanced users can use the advanced option, where they can download a background image and can use a tool like photo shop to composite an image on the downloaded image and then upload it to the template.

Attractive Image effects in main & sub Title
The main title and sub title for the new templates would now show up with attractive images with special effects which make the website look aesthetically much better.

Text wrap within main and sub title
Users can now have longer main and sub titles as the titles will get wrapped as the number of characters increase unlike the older version, where the title gets cut if it exceeds a certain limit

Preview page with options to change title, color & image
Users can now instantly preview the changes to the title, color and image.

Home page templates with multiple message area
The users now have the flexibility to have multiple message areas in their home pages so that the users can create a comprehensive home page which not only contains attractive images but also contains enough space for having the content that is needed in the home page.

Ability to add content title above each page content area
Users now have the options to add titles (as an image) above the content area. The users can also blank these titles if needed.

Improved website publishing
The website publishing process has been improved for faster publishing of websites and also displays relevant messages to the users during the publishing process. This performance improvement is also expected to improve on the scalability of the application by reducing the load on the server.

New matching look & feel for forms, photo album, shop
The form pages, photo album and shop pages will now have the same look and feel as the other pages of the website by using the CSS of the design template unlike the older version, where these pages would look different from the other pages of the website.

Large display area for shop, form, photo album pages
The forms, shops and photo albums will now have a much larger display area which will allow the users to create much more comprehensive and neat looking form, shop and photo album pages.

Improved Goodies and Add-on pages
The Goodies and the other features like Flash Intro Animation, Search Engine optimization etc, has been categorized under a separate link called “Goodies and Add-ons” to make it simpler for users to view and choose the features available in Free Web Site Builder from a single page.

Ease of use and performance enhancements
The slew of usability and feature enhancements makes the site building process much simpler and interesting to the users thereby ensuring that even the non-technical users finish creating a complete framework of the website within the first 10 minutes.

New in version 18.0

Google Chrome, Safari support in Editor:
The WYSIWYG editor now works with Google Chrome and Safari 3+ browsers also apart from IE 6+ & Firefox 2.0+ browsers.

Improved Table support in Editor:
Now the HTML table support in the WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced with more features and all of its features are supported on all browsers (previously IE only supported all features). And its toolbar menus have been enhanced to be more intuitive and user friendly than earlier.

Improved Spell Checker in Editor:
Now the spell checker in the WYSIWYG editor has been improved to be more robust and it supports non-English languages also.

Direct pasting support in Editor:
Saves time while editing by copying text content from other applications like MS-WORD, etc. and paste it directly into the WYSIWYG editor with its formatting.

Enhanced Fonts support in Editor:
The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced to support more fonts than earlier.

Enhanced Font size support in Editor:
The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced to support more font sizes than earlier.

Enhanced Undo/Redo support in Editor:
The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced for a more robust and flexible Undo/Redo support than earlier.

Improved Editor Tool bar in Editor:
The WYSIWYG editor Tool bar has been enhanced to be more intuitive and user friendly than earlier.

Improved Loading time behavior in Editor:
The WYSIWYG editor displays an animation during loading content for better user experience and understanding.

Faster loading of editor:
The WYSIWYG editor has been enhanced so that it loads still faster to give a better user experience.

Trial User upgrade
Now the trial users can upgrade to higher packs toe valuate them without having to pay for either of the packs.

Banner support both at the top and the bottom (for new designs only):
Now you can add your banners both at the top or at the bottom of your web pages in all the new designs that were recently added.

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