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Let us build your website for you!

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If you would like an expert to build your website our Pro-Build option is for you. We will build your website using one of our website designs that you select. A one-time Pro-Build fee is charged in addition to your web hosting package.

Get Started With Pro-Build

  1. Sign-up for the free trial: select the Package you want us to build. Doing this will give you a log in Username and password.
  2. Log in and select a website Design. Make note of the Name of your Design, and the Category it is in.
  3. Fill out the form below to request us to build your website. Enter your Username and the Name of the Design you chose. Pay for the same Package you signed up for in the free trial.
  4. We will contact you to get started.
  5. Provide us with a list of the web pages you want in your site (such as Home, About Us, Contact us, etc), plus all the information for each page, including final text, photos, and your logo (if you have one).
  6. Our web design experts will use your information to build the web site.
  7. We will publish the website to the Internet for your review. Please let us know of any changes within 30 days.
  8. Once our project is complete, and the website is handed over to you, you are free to make changes to the website yourself. Simply log in to use the easy Website Manager.
  9. If you don't want to make future updates yourself, W3Now offers affordable monthly website maintenance plans. Just ask us about this.

Pro-Build Pricing

Package Pro-Build Price
Starter Pack - 1 Page $75
Lite Pack - Up to 5 Pages $175
Value Pack - Up to 10 Pages $350
Gallery Pack - Up to 40 Pages $999
Enterprise Pack - Up to 70 Pages $1,750
E-Commerce/Blog Pack - Up to 70 Pages $1,750
Sign Up for Pro-Build
Get a Username by signing up for free trial
Located at the top of the small design image when selecting a design
 Starter. 1 web page $75.00  Lite. Up to 5 pages $175.00
 Value. Up to 10 pages $350.00  Gallery. Up to 40 pages $999.00
 Enterprise. Up to 70 pages $1,750.00  Ecomm/Blog. Up to 70 pages $1,750.00

Your credit card will be auto-charged monthly or yearly for web hosting unless you cancel
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Pro-Build Terms

Building a web site is a team effort, and your part is as important as ours. Your part is to provide us with the content for each page in your website. This includes:
  • A list of the web pages you want in your website.
  • Text for each page in your site, provided in a MS Word document or in a plain .txt file.
  • Pictures or logos you want on each page of your site (up to 3 per page).
  • For Form pages: The fields for your users to fill-out (up to 10 per form), and which fields are required to be entered. Form information is emailed to you when someone fills out a Form.

We will begin building your website only after all information is received for all web pages. Once you let us know that you have provided all of the information, and we agree, we will consider this to be the entire scope of the project, even if the number of web pages you have listed is fewer than the number of pages allowed for your Package. You can easily add other web pages yourself later, up to the size of your Package.

Inclusions and Exclusions:
Pro-Build includes creating Text pages and Form pages. It includes resizing and adding up to 3 photos per Text page, and adding up to 10 form fields per Form page. Other page types are not included. If you need help creating other page types, please ask us separately about additional services.

  • For the Gallery package, the Pro-Build will not include uploading photos into your Photo Album Gallery.
  • For the E-commerce/Blog package, the Pro-Build will not include adding products to your shopping cart, or setting up any aspect of your shopping cart. It also does not include setting up any aspect of your Blog.
  • These processes are described in our easy to follow User Manual. If you need help getting started, we are glad to walk through these processes with you on the phone.
  • The User Manual is located on the Website Manager page, which appars after you log in and select a site design.
  • Excluded: Copy-editing and Spell-checking. Please have your text copy ready as-is for us to place on your web page. We will lay it out so it looks attractive on the page.
  • Excluded: Search Engine Optimization. We provide this service separately. Please ask us about it prior to us building your website, if you are interested. This must be done during the building process, for best pricing.

Project Completion:
After your website is built, we will place it online for you to review. Please let us know within 30 days of any changes to be made. We will gladly make changes within that timeframe, and after 30 days we will consider the project complete. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Web Hosting Plans:
The credit card you use to sign up for Pro-Build will be automatically charged each month or year for your web hosting plan, unless you cancel.

Domain Registrations:
If you elect to have us register your domain name, the credit card you use to sign up for Pro-Build will be automatically charged each year for domain registration renewal, unless you cancel.

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